Feed your wanderlust with these travel essentials


Feed your wanderlust! July is National Parks Month and there’s no better way to celebrate than stocking your home with things that remind you of your travels! Because sometimes even when you are home, you are constantly wanting to see the world.

Muir Way:

Whether you’ve trekked through every National Park out there, just love to explore, or even those who simply enjoy the look of a sophisticated map – Muir Way offers beautiful maps for your home. Whether it be a detailed map of the Rocky Mountains, or an in depth map of Yosemite National Park, Muir Way can bring the outdoors into the comfort of your own home. Express your love of National Parks, mountain ranges, and hydrology with the daring designs from Muir Way!


Uncommon Green:

From the Florida Keys to Paris, rejoice and relive unforgettable memories of family vacations, honeymoons, weddings and more. Each glass is etched from top to bottom with a map of a famous coastline or city that isn’t only unique, but makes a great conversation starter at any function; and not to mention tons of cool Instagram-worthy photos. Uncommon Green is an established visionary leader in the barware industry and specializes in transforming the conventional drinking glass into a brilliant experience by etching maps of city streets, mountain topography and island coastlines of top destinations around the U.S. and the world. The company makes each glass an intriguing work of art, an engaging story, and a place to never forget.



Perfect for the outdoorsy, this water bottle will become an essential item in everyone’s hiking pack! This durable, portable water bottle uses ultra filtration technology to remove viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites to produce instant clean, drinkable water. Battle the elements without worrying about clean drinking water – LIFESAVER turns contaminated water into refreshing, clear water in just seconds! The world’s first in design, manufacture and supply of on the go nano-filtration technology, this handy water bottle will be a lifesaver for any National Park explorer!


Green Goo Outdoor Travel Pack:

The Green Goo Outdoor Travel Pack is perfect to bring to all outdoor activities: backpacking, biking, climbing, camping, skiing, rafting, and gardening and more.

  • First Aid –For dry cracked hands and feet, insect bites, poison ivy and cuts.
  • Pain Relief –Helps with bruises, inflammation, sore muscles, joint pain and sprains.
  • Lip Balm –100% all natural lip balm that nourishes, protects and hydrates cracked lips.
  • Bugs Be Gone –An outdoor bug spray repellant that keeps mosquitoes, gnats, flies, fleas and ticks away.



They may not wear capes, but our fire crews are our superheroes each and every day, whether they’re putting out fires, on a rescue mission or helping out in the community. They are dedicated to protecting the public. FFTOB- The Original Firefighter Turnout Bags®– turns fire gear into the perfect outdoor backpack. The super-durable backpacks, totes and duffel bags are made out of recycled firefighter turnout coats and pants and are perfect to withstand any weather.


Hot Chocolate Designs Map Shoes:

Through exceptional design, imagination and creativity, the Venezuelan company, Hot Chocolate Design, has become internationally known for their fun and funky shoe designs. The founders are constantly influenced by different styles, tastes and eras, which they channel in their designs to create one-of-a-kind shoes that are loved equally by young and old, mainstream and non-mainstream, fashion-forward individuals. Beautifully packaged in a cake-themed decorative box, shoes from Hot Chocolate Design make a spectacular gift for the shoe loving explorer in your life.