ForestFest 22 – One Tree Planted Digs Deep into Earth


San Fransisco, CA: 501(c)(3) charity One Tree Planted gathered around the gorgeous Golden Gate Park to celebrate ForestFest 22.

One Tree Planted is a global reforestation charity which has large-scale reforestation projects around the world.

“Our model is simple: One Dollar Plants One Tree.”

Doug Burnett, Chief Marketing Officer at One Tree Planted.

Doug Burnett, Director of Marketing, shared how their major goal for ForestFest 22 is that their brand and planting partners can come together here at the park and dig deep into nature.

One Tree Planted wants to start change at a community level. ForestFest 22 is a great place to come together, foster relationships, and get to know one another while planting trees into the ground.

With four different planting sections within the park, volunteers can take part in restoration and tree planting activities.

The charity was proud to thank the businesses and sponsors who came out of the woodwork to get involved in this environmental-friendly event.

What makes One Tree Planted so desirable? There is something universally acknowledged and appreciated about connecting with nature. Something really special happens when you plant a tree, making every volunteer and partner happy.

Trees are vital to our ecosystem. We need them to breathe, sequester carbon, fight urban heat, and provide one of the best solutions for climate change.

If you want to connect more with your own backyard, click here to see what volunteer opportunities One Tree Planted has in store for you.