Former Rockette, Emily Loftiss’ Gift Guide Radiates Glamour


Former Rockette, Emily Loftiss, takes center stage to share her Posh Gift Guide – a curation that effortlessly blends sophistication with the joy of daily indulgence. Known for her captivating performances on the grand stage of Radio City Music Hall, Emily now extends her expertise to the world of gifting, making each moment a chance to sparkle.

First and foremost, we’re booking a trip to Mexico at one of Wyndham Altra’s all-inclusive resorts. Escape to Wyndham Altra’s all-inclusive resorts and immerse yourself in the magic of Mexico. From the moment you arrive until the last sun-soaked day, Wyndham Altra promises a vacation filled with unparalleled luxury, leaving you with cherished memories that endure long after you bid farewell to the sun-drenched shores.

In the realm of luxury gifting, Emily adds her sophisticated touch with the bestowment of two bottles of Bib & Tucker Bourbon. This gift transcends the ordinary, inviting recipients to indulge in a journey of refined taste and timeless craftsmanship. This gift that transforms any setting with its beautifully crafted bottles and luxurious taste. When shared amongst friends, these bourbons become a catalyst for creating unforgettable moments, echoing the sentiment that life’s finest offerings are meant to be savored.

Elevate skincare to new heights with Fenty Beauty’s Skin Line. Crafted for flawless radiance, this transformative line showcases Rihanna’s commitment to excellence. From rejuvenating serums to hydrating moisturizers, each product embodies glamorous skin. Trust Emily’s discerning eye, and gift yourself or your loved ones the essence of luminous beauty with Fenty Beauty’s Skin Line – where skincare meets luxury.

This season, immerse yourself in the world of glamour with Emily Loftiss’ curated gift guide. From luxurious beauty essentials to timeless treasures, each item in this guide is a reflection of Emily’s commitment to glamour. For an in-depth look, explore Emily Loftiss’ Gift Guide on Your journey to a glamorous holiday season begins here.