From the Producers of J.Lo and Ariana Grande, Rising Star SHAB has some Inspiring Advice


Los Angeles, CA: On a sunny L.A. Day, International Pop Sensation SHAB sits down with Entertainment Reporter Will Armstrong to talk about her new album, music videos, and what to expect at her live performances like Tiger Beat.

From the same Grammy-winning producer behind both Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez, SHAB has millions of international fans and her new song- CRISS CROSS– just charted at #2 on the UK Pop Charts with additional chart placements coming in now.

CRISS CROSS (2 Million Views) is a dance-inducing, electric song of summer. She is known for her addictive, ear-worm combination of pop ballads and dance-inducing knockouts. 

She combines an eclectic mix of sonic effects and catchy dance-pop hooks as she delivers a kaleidoscope of sound that goes hand-in-hand with her introspective and powerful lyrics with huge choruses and distinct yet unpredictable vocals in the purest of pop sense.

A star across three continents, SHAB first gained attention in the Western Hemisphere during late 2020 as a “breakout star of the global pandemic.” SHAB has registered three consecutive Number Two hits on the British commercial pop charts with her first three English language singles released during the 2020-21 COVID lockdown. 

SHAB may be classified as an American Singer/Songwriter, but she has a multicultural upbringing. Born in Tehran as the youngest of 13 children, her single mother and large family moved to Europe when SHAB was only eight years old.

After attending boarding school in Germany until she was fourteen years old, SHAB emigrated to the United States. She is now an L.A. local fluent in Farsi, English, and German.

I Love L.A., I love the energy, there’s just so many creative people here, and I feel like I can feed off their energy. Everyone is always bouncing off ideas and it’s just ‘good vibes only.’

Her February 2021 debut album, INFINITE LOVE, has been met by immediate critical acclaim, with her unique electronic dance sound typified as “an energizing Global Pop that is both effortless and memorable.” She is also a mother, dancer, and refugee who now calls America “home.”

Here’s what SHAB had to say about her 2.5 million views:

“Thank you to all my fans and everyone who is supporting this record. I’m so excited and grateful.”

Check out SHAB’s new music video here

The hits keep coming! The music video behind her new single, Serenity, was recorded in Malibu. Here’s why:

Malibu is so magical. Anywhere you go in California, it’s just so beautiful. I cannot wait for my fans to see this video. It’s close to my heart. I wrote the song during the pandemic, and it’s helped heal me in so many ways and I cannot wait to help heal my fans! 

As someone who started off as an in-studio recording artist, SHAB tells fans to expect “high energy, and lots of dancing” when she performs. She has an amazing show put together for her fans.

From someone who was fleeing her home as a little girl to now sharing the same producers with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez, SHAB offered some empowering advice for aspiring artists:

Don’t ever give up, and don’t let anyone tell you ‘Well, there’s already so many famous people out there who are singers, how are you gonna make it in the world?’ Just keep believing in yourself. You’re the best work of canvas of your own art. Just don’t ever give up and don’t let anybody tell you can’t do it, just keep going.

If you want to keep up with SHAB and her new music, go to her website SHABOFFICIAL.COM or visit her social media @shabmusicofficial.