From Vinyl to digital, Everloving Records CEO talks surviving in the music biz


UnknownThe new HBO show Vinyl takes us back to a time when the record business really was about records. Now, it’s all about digital.

Technology has led to a lot of changes in the music business over the years, and the digital revolution has been a huge part of that.

No longer does a handful of big record labels control access to whom and to what we listen. That means individuals and smaller, independent labels actually have a chance at succeeding in what was once a very exclusive industry.

One indie label and artist management company that has had huge success is Everloving. It started back in 2001 with Jack Johnson’s debut album Brushfire Fairytales. Since then, Everloving has grown to include many other talented artists, some of whom, like Johnson, were turned down by the big studios.

Everloving was co-founded by Andy Factor, former VP of A&R at Virgin Records.

California Life sat down with Factor, to find out how he has not only survived but thrived in this ever-changing business.

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