Get The House Ready For The Holidays, Travel To Pismo Beach And More – This Week On California Life!


This week on California Life, we shine the light on the beautiful Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach and take a look back in time at legendary Cowboy Roy Rogers and his beloved wife Dale Evans.

And there are no shortage of charities looking for help this holiday season, but how do you know which charities are legitimate and which are not? David Wylie tells us about an easy way to do your research.

Open enrollment for people with Medicare ends December 7th, and while healthcare costs rank as the most burdensome living expenses for seniors, a new report, “The Cost of Complacency,” reveals that seniors are more likely to comparison shop for things like groceries, and travel, than they are to shop for a Medicare plan. Learn more on this week’s episode.

Then, one California woman has a unique way of dealing with her multiple sclerosis. Sonoma’s Rhonda Giangrego took on her diagnosis in the most delicious of ways.

Plus, the holiday season is upon us so we turned to the Home and Lifestyle Expert Laura Dellutri for help on getting the house ready for guests and entertaining.

It’s all airing across the globe this week on California Life with Heather Dawson!