Give A Gift That Gives Back To Children In Need With The #LoveLikeDawson Campaign


Each day, thousands of children across the globe go without food, water, shelter, and protection. No matter what their circumstance is, you can do your part by giving a gift that gives back this holiday season with #LoveLikeDawson.

The #LoveLikeDawson campaign is a non-profit organization that has spread across the globe – influencing others to love in a selfless, unconditional way. The non-profit acts as a remembrance of Dawson Hartwig, who a huge heart for others, no matter who they were or where they were from.

Money raised through his foundation,, has and will be used for projects to help children in Thailand, Cambodia, and Haiti this year and beyond. All proceeds from Dawson’s charity are being donated to Global Outreach at Water of Life in Fontana CA.


The churches recent Mission Trip to Thailand, the trip Dawson had signed up to be on, was able to donate a check in Dawson’s honor to build an infant care center for children in need.