Grammy Award Winner Vikki Carr Shares About Her Success, and Her Charity Work


Four time Grammy winner Vikki Carr, known for her hits in Spanish, country, and pop, including a lifetime achievement grammy, joins us in studio to talk about the release of her latest album, Viva La Vida.

She first shares with us about the title of her new album, Viva La Vida;

Because of the tremendous success I had in Spanish and I had not been with a record company but I invested in myself, I wanted to apply what has happened to me in my life. That is live life through the good, through the bad and to push forward.

Vikki Carr

Vikki says that the greatest piece of advice she could give someone out there who loves music is an old saying told to her by George Berns, which is that nobody can tell you how to get into the music industry, but if it is something you really want in your heart, you can’t let anybody tell you know no and you have to go for it.

Vikki also recently returned to El Paso for a benefit concert to fundraise for the El PasoVictims Relief Fund. This is in support of the victims of the August 3rd mass shooting. Proceeds will be donated to the Paso del Norte Community Foundation’s El Paso Victims Relief Fund.

To stream Vikki Carrs latest album, Viva La Vida, you can access it via iTunes or Amazon Music.