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Harry Styles’ Golden music video made $71,418 in just 24 hours

  • Harry Styles’ Golden music video – which dropped yesterday at 4pm – raked in $71,418 through Spotify streams and YouTube views in just 24 hours.
  • The song has been streamed a further 1.27 million times since the video, while the YouTube video has achieved a staggering 15.7 million views so far.
  • Every stream on Spotify is worth $0.00437, while a YouTube view is worth $0.0042, resulting in substantial earnings of $71,418.28 across both platforms. 
  • This comes following Styles’ Watermelon Sugar earning him a massive $2.4 million on Spotify before topping the Billboard charts back in August. 

Harry Styles’ highly anticipated music video for Fine Line single Golden has raked in a staggering $71,418 through Spotify streams and YouTube views in just 24 hours. 

The research comes courtesy of a new study – Bad Blood Bank – that looks at the earnings behind notable tracks over the last decade – including One Direction’s History and Zayn Malik’s Good Years – to reveal the potential profits top artists have made via Spotify. 

The study, conducted by Platinum Play, shows that Styles’ music video has been watched a massive 15,671,825 times on YouTube since dropping at 4pm yesterday. With each view being worth an estimated $0.0042, that’s equivalent to earnings of $65,822.

The song also saw an uplift in Spotify streams, rising from 124.45 million at 3.55pm yesterday to 125.73 million at 4pm today. With each stream worth $0.00437, that equals $5,597 in earnings.

And it wasn’t just the single that saw an uplift – other songs that have seen an influx in streams since the music video was released include Watermelon Sugar – which rose from 813 million plays to 816 million – and Falling, which saw a 1,091,861 increase in streams.

This sees Styles’ total Fine Line earnings from Spotify total $23.9 million to date, while those for his first album – HS1 – stand at $8.4 million.

These earnings follow a successful run for the formed boyband member, as the study also found that his first Billboard number one – Watermelon Sugar – earnt a mindblowing $2.4 million in Spotify streams before taking the top spot back in August. 

This makes it his most successful track in the US to date, beating previous favourite Sign of the Times which previously peaked at number 4 on Billboard back in April 2017. 

The Watermelon Sugar music video is also a smash with fans, and thanks to the136.9 million views it’s raked in since it’s release, Styles could have made a further £574,842 via YouTube for that track alone. . 

The star’s Spotify success isn’t limited to his solo work either – in the week following the band’s ten-year anniversary in July,  the data shows that One Direction’s Spotify streams increased by a staggering 159.5 million.

This means the band raked in more than half a million dollars through the app – $696,832 – in just one week.  Although no reunion was announced, the band’s label did put out some remastered tracks for fans, including the ‘acoustic’, ‘live’, ‘rarities’ and ‘remixes’ EPs. 

When comparing each member’s debut albums to the band’s last single with every member – Steal My Girl – Harry saw the highest level of success with Sign of the Times being worth 32% more than the 1D track, followed by Niall’s This Town which proved 21% more popular.

All the other members – Liam, Zayn and Louis – have had comparatively far lower success with their debut tracks than those they made in One Direction. Louis saw the most significant drop with Just Hold On, which has proved 82% less popular than Steal My Girl. 

Looking at the tracks released by the band and Zayn in which they’re reflecting on their time together shows that 1D’s History has far higher monthly streams than Zayn’s Good Years, leading to estimated earnings of more than $1.4 million.  

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