TEMECULA, CA – What started last January as a conversation among friends, has become a dream come true for the Horsewomen of Temecula Wine Country (HOT). The Pasadena Tournament of Roses parade committee notified the equestrian team of 21 ladies that they had been selected to participate in the 2020 parade and Equestfest.  

Led by Juanita Koth and Beth Good, the team will include the award-winning Temecula Cowgirl Color Guard, along with Temecula Carriage Company’s horse-drawn wagon carrying prominent local women including three-time Mayor and Council Member, Maryann Edwards. 

Representing the Rose Parade’s theme “The Power of Hope” and celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Horsewomen of Temecula Wine Country are determined women of all ages and walks of life who work to preserve Temecula’s rural farming and ranching lifestyles. The ladies have been raising funds and awareness for their goal for the past eight months. 

“On New Year’s Day, the eyes of the nation will be watching the Rose Parade – and the Temecula Valley will be featured by the representation of the Horsewomen of Temecula Wine Country. The application and qualifying process was quite rigorous and competitive. We are honored to have been chosen for this year’s parade,” stated Temecula City Council member Maryann Edwards. 

“Within our wagon sits a cowgirl who will celebrate her 90th birthday while on horseback we also have a cowgirl drill team member who will celebrate her 15th birthday, both in the month of October.  Our wagon train of successful female community leaders is proof that in Riverside County’s Temecula, the power of hope, hard work and ambition can lead to realized dreams for everyone, stated Juanita Koth, HOT parade team captain. “We strive to encourage the next generation to follow our leaders by one day taking over the reins of community stewardship,” Koth added.

The Rose Parade Equestfest is held prior to the Rose Parade, Dec. 29, 10 a.m. in Burbank and showcases the riding talents of the equestrian teams, as well as allowing spectators to visit with the equestrian teams and horses in their stables. Part of the “H.O.T.” team Equestfest presentation will include singer and trick-roper Judy Taylor, who penned and will sing a song about Temecula titled “Place of the Sun.” Taylor will also be riding her horse in the parade. 

“On January 1, 2020 it is our dream to proudly travel down Colorado Boulevard with our modern-day wagon train of Temecula Women, escorted by the Temecula Cowgirl Color Guard outriders,” said Juanita Koth, HOT parade captain.