How San Diego State University Takes Initiative for Social Change


San Diego State University’s School of Journalism has implemented a new event that will tackle uncomfortable conversation: Screening Circle.

As storytellers, the School of Journalism and Media Studies understands how sharing stories can be a conduit for change. Screening Circle provides an open space for critical and civil exchange of ideas. 

The new interactive series uses the HBO series “Lovecraft Country” for its first season of uncomfortable conversations. Following a book club style approach, it covers issues from systemic racism to micro aggressions.

Each event features Hollywood storytellers, many of them being the forces behind Lovecraft Country. The show’s production designer Kalina Ivanov shared how her own story impacted her work on Lovecraft Country and the March 10 event is scheduled to have Emmy award-winning composer Laura Karpman talk about how she scored the series.

You don’t have to come to the Screening Circle having watched “Lovecraft Country,” but we bet after the first one you will binge the series on HBO Max just like the rest of us. (Pro tip, get the free seven day trial).

Screening Circle will:

  • Amplify voices of traditionally marginalized communities.
  • Encourage participants to engage in respectful and thought-provoking conversations about race and social issues.
  • Motivate allies to take action against the horrors of racism.
  • Feature creators like Emmy-winning production designer, Kalina Ivanov and Emmy-winning music composer, Laura Karpman.

On March 4, we began the discussion. We have two more events and that is just the start of our efforts.

Join the conversation. Use your voice for change.

March 10 at noon via Zoom at Meeting ID 898 2560 8319.

March 12 at noon via Zoom at Meeting ID 898 2560 8319.

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