This week’s in-studio guest Tariku Bogale exposes the horrors of rhino poaching with his new film Bloodline: Now or Never


This week on California Life, our in-studio guest Tariku Bogale shares his success story that started from very humble beginnings.

Bogale was raised in the poverty of Ethiopia and is now a top entrepreneur, author, and film producer here in the United States.

As may can imagine growing up in a third-world country as one of 13 siblings, having to work his way out of poverty was not easy – but Bogale defied the odds.

After making his way over to the states, Bogale became the CEO of numerous companies, the author of his upcoming book UNSTOPPABLE: Challenge Accepted telling the story of Bogale’s journey to success through struggle and determination – and he continually gives back to non-profit organizations like ShoeForChild, the Unearth Experience, and the Start Up Workshop.

In addition, Bogale is also the Producer, Writer and lead Actor in his new film Bloodline: Now or Never, which brings attention to the illegal practice of rhino poaching.

To learn more about Bogale’s new book, film and his inspiring journey to success, watch the full segment below or see it air nationwide on California Life with Heather Dawson.