Inside the Inland Empire’s premier ballet company


N2010-04-725.450Inland Pacific Ballet, the Inland Empire’s premier ballet company, just wrapped up its production of the holiday classic The Nutcracker. The cast of 20 took part in a total of 17 performances across four theaters in the IE, and as usual, the show was a hit with audiences.

Staging The Nutcracker is an annual tradition for Inland Pacific Ballet, one that has even earned the company national recognition and the coveted Goldstar ‘Nutty” Award for “Best Loved Nutcracker.”

“I think its because we’re so full of joy about what we do that it’s sort of infectious,” said IPB founder Vicki Koenig. “People want to be around it and they want to contribute and so there are people with so many talents and resources,” Koenig said. saraChris3.450

Inland Pacific Ballet was founded in 1994 and now attracts dancers from across the country. The accompanying Inland Pacific Ballet Academy has also gained a reputation around the world for producing great talent.

“We have people all over the country. We have people in companies on Broadway, we have people in companies in Europe, we have people in companies in other countries, so it’s exciting to see that, too,” Koenig said.

California Life got a chance to meet some of the talented dancers in the Inland Pacific Ballet. Check out our story below, airing statewide this week on California Life!