Jason Collett Shares His Experience Alongside Jason Clarke On Set of “The Devil All The Time”


Breakout movie star Jason Collett makes a statement in the upcoming star-packed, midwestern gothic drama, The Devil All The Time, opposite Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and Jason Clarke, Haley Bennett, Bill Skarsgård, and Riley Keough, written and directed by Antonio Campos (Director of The Sinner).

The Devil All The Time, based on the novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock, takes place in the 1960’s after World War II in Southern Ohio amongst a group of bizarre, compelling and disturbed people who suffer from the war’s psychological damages.  

Collett plays Gary Matthew Bryson, a naïve partner-in-crime to husband and wife team of serial killers, Carl and Sandy Henderson (played by Clarke & Keough, respectively), who troll America’s highways searching for suitable models to photograph and exterminate.

Executive produced by Jake Gyllenhaal, the dark and gritty film intersects storylines with a sickly and unsettling ability to entangle viewers into its spell. 

A colorful array of delightfully nasty, dirty and chaotic characters awaits you upon your first watch, and while each person has their own story, characters are inexplicably linked in the most peculiar of circumstances. 

I got the chance to speak with Jason about what it was like to work on set with the actors, the process of making the film, and some of his most memorable experiences on set.

Being a huge fan of Jason Clarke, himself, Collett was understandably, initially intimated by working with Clarke. When Collett arrived on set, he didn’t know what to expect, and wondered what the collaborative process was going to look like. Collett shares that the moment Clarke stepped foot on set, he was a joy to work with.

The highly anticipated psychological thriller is scheduled to be released on Netflix September 16th.