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Josh Dela Cruz: Filipino-American Actor, singer and Broadway star embraces his Asian AND American identities on and off the screens


Josh Dela Cruz is just like many Asian Americans — he struggled to balance his dual identities and had to work extra hard to discover himself and his potentials in a foreign country.

But now? He’s the newest host of Nickelodeon Jr.’s “Blue’s Clues & You” and was even called a thirst trap on Twitter. Dela Cruz himself is now thirsty for better minority representation in media.

Dela Cruz immigrated to the U.S. when he was two. His parents are from the Philippines, but Dela Cruz himself was born in Dubai. Though he had a caring, supportive family, Dela Cruz nevertheless saw closed doors as an Asian American.

He even thought his “image” wouldn’t fit the screens — imagine how big of a loss that would’ve been for all of us!

Dela Cruz thinks diversity in the entertainment industry now isn’t still quite diversity.

“To say that we have The King and I on Broadway, we’re celebrating diversity… ” said Dela Cruz. “Well no, that’s the Asian show, and the rest of Broadway is not.”

That’s why he’s been excited (for months, to be exact) for his newest musical, American Morning. Written by Timothy Huang, a Taiwanese American, and influenced by Asian culture, this musical depicts a rather proper Asian immigrant experience.

This is such an important show because it’s Asians… Asian immigrants that are in America in present day, which is so rare. Usually, if it’s an Asian American show or just an Asian show [the Asian individuals] they’re foreigners…

Josh Dela Cruz

Dela Cruz says Asian Americans struggling with dual identities should follow their moral compass, and be proud of their origins. He’s thankful the cast and crew of “Blue’s Clues & You” allowed Dela Cruz himself to do so.

I get to celebrate being Asian… me realizing that you’re Asian, dude, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Josh Dela Cruz