Last Minute Shopping Secrets with Award-Winning Journalist: Claudia Lombana


Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist Claudia Lombana unveils a unique perspective: waiting could actually save you money. Lombana is set to share her last-minute super shopping secrets for the most exhilarating shopping season in recent memory.

In a shopping landscape where chaos reigns, Lombana understands that many consumers, despite the advice, may find themselves waiting until the eleventh hour to secure that perfect gift. However, what might seem like procrastination can be a savvy shopping strategy. Lombana unlocks cost-saving opportunities and discovers unique gifts.

Lombana’s Last-Minute Shopping Super Secrets:


Dive into the world of Sonic with the perfect gift to ignite excitement and adventure. Sonic’s iconic blue blur is set to dash into the hearts of gamers of all ages, delivering an experience filled with nostalgia and innovation. This gift promises to transport players to fantastical realms, offering an escape into a world of rings, loops, and iconic characters.


Lombana shares creative ways to “Stella-brate” the season with Stella Rosa’s Single Serve aluminum cans. Effortlessly combine elegance with simplicity with the signature semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wines. Arrive at the party with Stella Rosa, and you bring not just a drink but a touch of class.


Avoid breaking the bank and pay over time with Affirm. Affirm’s commitment to personalized payment plans promotes financial well-being, fostering a positive and empowering relationship between consumers and their finances. Experience the freedom to shop with confidence.


Whether you opt for the indulgent lotion or pampering body wash, Olay’s Hyaluronic lineup ensures a multi-dimensional approach to skincare. These products work together to replenish, rejuvenate, and leave your skin with a beautiful dewy glow. Unwrapping a present that promises not just beauty but a revitalized, hydrated complexion is the perfect way to show you care.

As Lombana peels back the curtain on these last-minute super shopping secrets, shoppers are invited to rethink their approach to the holiday rush. By waiting strategically, you may save money and uncover unique gifts that add a special touch to your celebrations.

Join Claudia Lombana to discover how waiting can be a powerful ally in your quest for the perfect gifts this season.