Look Good, Feel Good—Reversing Sun Damage


In the day and age of looking good–believe it or not–more people are worried about wrinkles than skin cancer.

So it’s important to know that fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, age spots, splotches and skin cancer start the same way: from unprotected sun exposure or tanning and can be prevented and reversed.

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month and renowned skin and facial rejuvenation specialist, David Morrow, MD, urges everyone to make sun protection a top priority. Dr. Morrow says, in the battle of the aging face, sun protection is always the first line of defense.

Thirty years ago, when he came to Eisenhower Medical Center to address what was then a skin cancer epidemic, Dr. Morrow found patients were often more thrilled about what he could do to “turn back the clock” than treat skin cancer. To this end, Dr. Morrow, a Diplomate of the American Boards of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, pioneered and perfected several facelift and skin rejuvenation techniques, earning him the title “One of the Top 100 Cosmetic Surgeons in the World.”

Dr. David Morrow, MD

Also well known as the Patients’ Choice for personalized care and natural looking results, Dr. Morrow has received three consecutive Patients’ Choice Awards. These patients come from around the world to meet the doctor at The Morrow Institute Campus in Rancho Mirage, California. The Morrow Campus. features a fully accredited surgery center and tranquil medical retreat for anti aging and beauty treatments.

Forever passionate about preventing sun damage and skin cancer, Dr. Morrow asks YOU help to spread the word about sun protection and skincare.

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Click through to Dr. Morrow’s Sun Protection 101, a dynamic, illustrated guide with the “low down” on SPF, UVA and UVB Sun Light, Broad Spectrum Sunscreens and answers to common questions about sun protection.


Dr. Morrow on reversing sun damage:

What’s the best way to reverse sun damage and prevent it?

Dr. Morrow says there’s no better way to prevent and reverse sun damage and skin aging than wearing a BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen EVERYDAY. Also, topical use of Vitamin A acids and Vitamin C go a long way to reverse sun damage. Finally, physician- performed skin peels (also known as “chemical peels”) are affordable and efficient procedures to stimulate skin stem cells to regenerate new skin. The goal is always to promote healthy skin which makes skin more beautiful and younger looking. As Dr. Morrow says “Beautiful Skin is Healthy SkinTM”

How do I know that a skin peel is right for me?

Dr. Morrow insists that anyone who has experienced sun exposure can benefit from a skin peel. The only question is which kind. Skin peels performed by licensed aestheticians can provide benefit, especially when combined with proper sun protection and home skin care regimes. And even “at home” skin peels can help. Only Physician performed skin peels promote rejuvenation to deeper levels of the skin.


These skin peels can profoundly reverse sun damage, activate skin stem cells, promote collagen production and may even prevent skin cancer. To get the best the results, only trust a board certified physician who is a skin peel expert. Dr. Morrow, a Diplomate of American Boards of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery has performed literally tens of thousands of skin peels. He developed the Designed Skin Peel® to address each person’s individual skin rejuvenation needs, depending on a person’s skin type, degree of sun damage and ultimate goals. For more information regarding Dr. Morrow’s Designed Skin Peels and facial rejuvenation, please visit

What is the best way to make a decision about skin and facial rejuvenation?

Learn as much as you can before making any decision about skin and facial rejuvenation. Meeting with experienced, well regarded professionals and having more than one consultation is the best way to identify which treatments are best for you and who is the best person to provide them. Remember: 30% of the procedures Dr. Morrow performs correct the unsatisfactory results of other surgeons. Choose right the first time!

Click here for a guide to Choosing Your Cosmetic Surgeon.

If you choose to consult with Dr. Morrow at The Morrow Institute expect to spend about an hour (less time for skin peels/more time for surgery) having a thorough and frank discussion about your needs and goals. You’ll have the opportunity to see many before and after photos of others with similar concerns and ask lots of questions as Dr. Morrow helps you explore realistic options. Or, if you are not ready to meet with Dr. Morrow, make an appointment to meet with The Morrow Institute’s patient care coordinator or licensed aestheticians.

Interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. David Morrow?

Contact The Morrow Institute, located at The Morrow Institute Campus… 69780 Stellar Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270. Call: 760.202.2770 to schedule your consultation or email Dr. Morrow’s patient care coordinator: valeria@morrowinstitute.com

When should I explore surgical options for facial rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation, Botox® and facial fillers such a Juvederm®, Radiesse®, Scuptra® and others can all help slow and modify the facial aging process. but when these methods don’t produce satisfactory results or distort your face so you “don’t look like you” anymore, it is time to consider surgical options.


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