Los Angeles Non-Profit “LAUP” Providing Preschool for All


lauplogoResearch has shown that children’s experiences before age 5 shape whether their brains develop a strong foundation for their learning and behavior. Preschool is a huge part of that learning, but it can be expensive and not all families can afford it.

That’s where Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) comes in. The non-profit organization is dedicated to advancing early education program quality and capacity by supporting the development of the whole child, growing a qualified and diverse workforce, and strengthening family engagement.

Since 2005, LAUP has helped 95,000 children in the Los Angeles area receive education in more than 640 quality preschools.

The program is funded in part by First 5 LA.

To learn more about the longterm positive effects of early education, and how to get involved with LAUP, click on the video below!