#LoveLikeDawson – The Hartwig family seeks random acts of kindness to honor the life of Dawson Hartwig


Love Like Dawson isn’t just a slogan. It’s a movement that has spread not only across the country, but around the globe to places such as Tokyo, Ireland, Germany and more. It’s a way to remember and cherish Dawson Hartwig and a reminder to choose love in every situation. Dawson’s love is unconditional, loyal, forgiving, warm and it is free.

Dawson would have been turning 21 today. He was a third-year student pursuing a sports marketing degree at California Baptist University and Riverside Community College. He was also a varsity water polo player at Etiwanda High School – his No. 3 swim cap has been retired in his honor.

Friends and family of Dawson Hartwig ask viewers to help make today, May 23rd, Love Like Dawson Day as we honor and celebrate Dawson and the way he loved others.

California Life host Heather Dawson remembered his life by saying she, “never saw him have a fit, say something mean, hurt anyone, pout, talk back, be disrespectful or have an ego.” Dawson blessed the world with 20 years of unselfish love that many other lives don’t show.

So we challenge you to do a random act of kindness and spread the love he so freely gave away. It can be as simple as a smile, hug or helping out in some small way. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru, send a card to a loved one, compliment someone, thank a teacher, fire fighter, police officer or military for their service, leave a big tip, forgive someone, pay for someone’s groceries, or give to Dawson’s charity, Global Outreach, on the Lovelikedawson.net website.

We would love to see May 23rd become a Love Like Dawson Day where the love he demonstrated so well is paid forward in big ways. Be creative & share what you did using the hashtag #LoveLikeDawson. For more information, watch the full segment below.