Mt. Whitney, Part 2


Airing: Episode 482, Week of Saturday February 23, 2019

As our very own David Wylie prepares for the precarious yet ever rewarding trek up Mt. Whitney, we take a look back at the past journey David brought us along for. We are reminded of the incredible views, and self reward he chases on the 15 hour odyssey up Mt Whitney, that challenges both the physical and mental aspects of the explorer.

Words by David Wylie:
ve always been drawn to the mountains. Their size and majesty seems to exude some sort of spiritual power that was palpable for me. When Ive spent time in the higher elevations, there is that sense of being closer to God. So it was with excitement that I accepted an invitation in 2008 to join a hiking expedition up Californias tallest peak, Mt. Whitney. And indeed, it was not only a tremendous physical undertaking, but a mental challenge as well. To keep moving forward even when I thought I couldnt. Than, ultimately, accomplishing the goal of reaching the summit, and soaking in the incredible views, that no photograph could ever do justice. But when that 15 hour adventure came to an end, I swore that it would be the last time I would attempt such an undertaking. The physical and mental toll had my body saying never again.

Flash forward two years later. The Fall of 2010. And there I was, once again making my way up the rocky precipice. What prompted my return? Join me on my latest encounter with Mt. Whitney on this weeks edition of California Life.