New CAR-T Cell Therapy Could Replace Chemotherapy


Most people have come to accept that the standard of care treatment for cancer is chemotherapy.

Did you know that other, more promising options are being developed?

As an example, for some forms of blood cancer, CAR-T Cell Therapy is a promising approach therapy that re-engineers a patient’s own immune system to recognize and eradicate cancer.

Lori A. Leslie, MD.

“It’s taking the patient’s own immune system and T-cells, re-engineering them to recognize and attack cancer cells, and then giving them back to the patient as their own kind of living drug and anti-cancer therapy.”

Dr. Leslie’s patient, Michael, has come to see the value in this new option:

“This was a completely different option and frankly, within a few weeks of the infusion, the next scan showed an almost complete eradication of the cancer.”

Dr. Leslie’s patient, Michael.

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