New Movies To Watch This Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air… and California Life’s Valentine’s Day Movie Roundup Is Here! 

Alesia Stanford gives us the hottest new movies to watch on this romantic holiday:

Gal Gadot stars as a blushing bride in 20th Century Film’s new movie Death On The Nile. Or is she? Based on the Agatha Christie mystery, Kenneth Branagh stars alonside Gadot as super-sleuth “Hercule Poirot.” Newlyweds have decided to spend their honeymoon cruising down the Nile. All is going well until someone is murdered, and Poirot steps in to find the killer.

Not only will this movie serve as a nice way to take a staycation, but you’ll enjoy the mystery and the humor in this film, along with an all-star cast from both sides of the Atlantic.

Death On The Nile is available only in theaters.

I Want You Back is a hilarious new romantic comedy about Emma and Peter. The two are having a pretty bad day when they first meet, having both been dumped by their significant others. It’s up to them whether to wallow in their misery, or hatch a plan to get their loved ones back. I think we can all see where this is going, but it’s a fun ride.

I Want You Back is streaming on Prime Video. 

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson star in Universal Pictures’s new movie Marry Me. In 36 hours, Kat Valdez (Lopez) and Grammy-winning Bastion will perform their new song “Marry Me” and exchange vows in front of twenty million people. With stakes that high, what could go wrong?

Kat Valdez’s husband is caught cheating, so the superstar singer makes a hasty decision, with a guy (Wilson) who got stuck holding the sign.

In Marry Me, Lopez and Wilson get married in the most awkward and public of situations. They’re literal strangers, but decide to keep up appearances so Kat can save face, and their whole journey is captured in the virtual space.

The two deal with the fish-out-of-water issues and start to sorta, kinda like each other. Will it end happily ever after? You’ll have to find out for yourselves. Marry Me is only in theaters. 

Time to sit back and enjoy a romantic movie this Valentine’s Day. Until then, stay safe and healthy. Thanks Alesia Stanford, this is what’s going on at the movies!