New Spooky Films to Watch this Halloween Season


Going on vacation? You probably don’t want to stop at Castle Vader. Unfortunately for Poe in the new short-film “Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales,” he has no choice. After an engine failure, he has to remain stranded on an unknown planet. With a hotel dedicated to the dark side waiting for him, he is sure to come in contact with some scary stuff.

Star Wars fans are sure to love this new short, as it is perfect for adults and kids alike. The kids will love the fun and exciting plot and the parents will enjoy the sly humor provided. You can watch now on Disney Plus.

Next, come on a spooky road trip with the Addams family in “The Addams Family 2.” Gomez and Morticia decide that the best way to bond with their kids, Wednesday and Pugsley, is to hit the road for one last family vacation.

Along for the ride is Uncle Fester and Cousin It, who are always sure to bring a good time. Watch the out-the-ordinary family trip today in theaters or On Demand.