New Year, New Toys


The holidays may be over, but you’ve still got birthdays, graduations and oh yeah, next year’s Christmas presents to shop for!

If you’re running out of fun ideas, GeoSpace has a few your kids (young and old) are sure to love!

13100-A3-Man-1024_5752fd86-dad1-4041-ac8f-b0555dbecc53_1024x1024First up, the GeoFlux. It transforms into a 3-D sculpture made out of rugged stainless steel that resembles a giant atom or an extra planetary orchid. When you insert your hand through the coils, it begins to spiral up and down your arms, spinning at a fast pace. It won’t stop in case you want to transfer it to another surface as it can “bridge” over without stopping its motion.  GeoFlux can serve as a party trick, an exercise tool, or a great gift for kids and it’s just $17.99.

Next, Geospace’s new Sparkler LED Jump Rope.11165-A3-boy-1024_1024x1024 Kids will truly be in the center of the cascade of flashing LED multi-colored lights, which are embedded inside of the jump rope. What’s even better is that no batteries are required, as the dynamo produces low-voltage electricity that powers the LEDs. The Sparkler is 99 inches long, which is ideal for children 8 years old to adults. Pick one up for $19.99.

11167-A1-Girl-Green-1024_grandeFinally, check out the Sparkler Whip ‘N Skip, also $19.99. This toy was definitely popular in the 90’s, but this new version will have kids hopping for hours on end. Once kids tether it to one leg, they can begin rolling the ball in a circular pattern. With this comes the challenge of maintaining balance, endurance and coordination, not to mention competition,  to see who can keep going the longest!

You can find all of these products and many more at

Happy shopping!