Outdoor Destinations are the Perfect Holiday Vacation to Escape with your Bubble


There’s lots of discussion going on right now about how to celebrate the holidays this year. With medical experts suggesting large family gatherings are probably not a good idea, it seems like Holiday Season 2020 is going to look as different as Spring 2020, Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 did!

But that doesn’t mean all the holly and jolly can’t be enjoyed this year – it just means that people need to be open to switching out tradition for something that works this year! On the upside, with so many offices and schools on remote, a quick getaway to celebrate can be pretty seamless when it comes to real-world responsibilities. As long as you can logon, you’re good, right? Plus, with summer 2020 being not normal in terms of vacations, many people probably have vacation time to burn before year-end. 

As far as the travelling companions who will double as the party guests, look no further than your bubble. Since March, people have been creating social bubbles to expand the people with whom they feel safe interacting with. Most likely bubbles include your immediate family and possibly some extended family and a few good friends. These bubbles can the perfect group to travel, and celebrate, with.

Now as far as accommodations go, consider booking reservations at a tiny house village where multiple tinies can serve as living quarters for each bubble component. Cabins or cottages are another option and plenty of campgrounds have these accommodations that feature outfitted kitchens so there’s no need to go out to a restaurant. Keep that bubble intact!

As for locations, consider that several of the tiny house villages that have these great kitchens and plenty of space for all are not too far from major cities. Leavenworth Tiny House Village is a little over two hours from Seattle and the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village in Welches, Oregon is less than hour from Portland.  If you’re seeking a sunny holiday, keep the tiny homes at Arizona’s Verde Valley RV Resort in mind or the tropical Sunshine Key Tiny House Village in the Florida Keys. 

Speaking of Florida, oceanside cottages are an option at Fiesta Key Resort in the beautiful Florida Keys, while a Central Florida colorful cottage option could be Tropical Palms in Kissimmee.  California offers cottages at Palm Springs RV Resort and cabins in Santa Barbara at Rancho Oso RV Resort. More cabin accommodations can be found at Natchez Trace RV Resort just outside Nashville, Bay Landing RV just outside of Dallas, and on the beautiful Oregon coast at Pacific City RV Resort and Seaside RV Resort.  

Of course, if you want to follow the hottest trend this year when it comes to travel, rent an RV. Rentals of recreational vehicles, or RVs, have skyrocketed this year. As of May 2020, RV rental companies were reporting an increase of 1,000% in rentals, and no, that’s not a typo. People were quickly realizing the benefits of using the self-contained RV to get away and enjoy some time off. Check out rental options at Outdoorsy.com, considered one of the most trusted RV rental marketplaces in the country. According to their site, they offer “the most comprehensive platform to rent stylish awesome RVs in the nation.” Their selection spans vintage Airstreams, toy haulers, fifth wheelers, Class A, B, and C of RVs – one for everybody in your bubble! Looking for a place to travel in those RVs? Check out RVontheGo.com for locations around the country that are ready and waiting for all the holiday revelers. 

The holidays are still a go for 2020 but that just may mean your Bubble is on the go too! And if you’re not much for the holidays, all of the above applies if you just simply want to get away with your Bubble!