Palm Springs 85th Celebration


This week we travel to the beautiful city of Palm Springs for the 85th anniversary celebration. They broke a Guinness book of world records and so many stars and big name faces made their way here to celebrate. 

 “The celebration is amazing and all the fans out here for the Coachella Firebirds Hockey Team. Couldn’t be more thrilled to be here” states Gino Lamont, Coachella Valley Firebirds Hockey. He was there celebrating his team and his city. 

We were joined by women’s tennis legend Rosie Casals. She states that the support and the love shown is amazing and how Palm Springs is great in that way, the people create a community. The city loves to stick to their amazing tradition and the people love to come out and watch and love the celebrations.

Grace Elena Garner, the Mayor of Palm Springs speaks to us stating she’s really excited. “It’s awesome, we have grown so much as a city in the last 85 years and we’re thriving. I think we’re going to continue to thrive for the next 85”. She gave a beautiful speech about how special and honored this moment is for her that she gets to be here in her home town celebrating it. She presented a few keys to the city.

 The first key was presented to the celebrity Grand Marshal of the Classic Car Parade, Nancy Sinatra. You may recognize the Sinatra name from herself, as she is a singer, or from her father, Frank Sinatra. Nancy is a Palm Springs resident and she carries the Sinatra name. She was thrilled to be presented with a key to the city she loves. 

Another key was presented to Harold Matzner, who is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and he is a chairman for the Palm Springs film festival. He was proud to receive a key to the beautiful city.

Keith McCormick also received a key. Keith is the owner of McCormick’s collector cars. He provided cars to be used for driving through the parade. He was thankful for the overwhelming support and commitment to the people who came out to celebrate. 

We even had our very own Ava Lynn Thuresson sing the national anthem for the event Ava Lynn was a contestant on NBC’s The Voice. 

Worldwide, Palm Springs is a recognized brand.