Paws and Presents with Pet Living Pro: Kristen Levine


Our four-legged friends deserve to be showered with love and thoughtful gifts that bring smiles to their furry faces. Join our Pet Living Expert, Kristen Levine, to explore the perfect presents that will not only pamper your pets but also contribute to a delightful bond between you and your furry companions.

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts, Kristen Levine points pet parents in the direction of PetSmart as the ultimate one-stop-shop destination. With a reputation for offering a diverse range of high-quality products catering to the unique needs of every pet, PetSmart stands out as a go-to retailer for festive indulgences. Not only is it great for its extensive selection but also for the incredible deals that make pampering your pets even more delightful.

A big focus for pet owners is on enhancing pets’ well-being. Recognizing that one of the leading causes of unplanned veterinary visits stems from ear infections due to excessive pawing, Project Watson offers a solution to mitigate these instances. Their specialized ear care for dogs are formulated with a gentle pH balance solution, designed to facilitate effective cleaning and care. By incorporating Project Watson into our pet care routines, we aim to prioritize their health and ensuring a happier and more comfortable life.

As we embrace the warmth and joy our furry companions bring into our lives, we often find ourselves dealing with the inevitable challenge of pet hair on our clothes. Suavitel’s Shed Shield offers a solution that goes beyond the ordinary, not only keeping your garments irresistibly soft but also providing a protective shield against pesky pet hair. Now, you can enjoy the company of your four-legged friends without worrying about the aftermath on your wardrobe. Because being a pet parent should be as comfortable and stylish as it is heartwarming.

Kristen Levine’s ultimate gift suggestions takes pet parenting to a whole new level with Ancestry’s “Know Your Pet DNA.” Unravel the mysteries of your furry friend’s genetic makeup and embark on a fascinating journey to discover their unique heritage. This innovative and thoughtful gift not only adds a touch of excitement to the holiday festivities but also provides valuable insights into your pet’s health, behavior, and potential breed-specific characteristics. With “Know Your Pet DNA,” you can deepen the connection with your four-legged companion, gaining a better understanding of their individual needs and quirks.

From fostering precious moments of togetherness to exploring innovative gifts, Kristen has given pet parents a path to creating memorable and thoughtful experiences for our pets. For more information, be sure to check out additional content from Kristen Levine on Here’s to more love, laughter, and joy that comes from pampering our pets in the most extraordinary ways. Happy gifting!