Pig Little Lies: UnchainedTV exposes the truth about pigs


California Life had the pleasure of interviewing television journalist, author, and producer Jane Velez-Mitchell on UnchainedTV’s first reality TV series starring a family of adorable pigs: PIG LITTLE LIES.

Pig Little Lies (2022) is a lighthearted reality series with a serious underlying message.

Jane launched UnchainedTV, a global streaming network for veganism, healthy lifestyles, and compassionate animals.

This reality series on UnchainedTV is the world’s first reality show starring a family of pigs.

So, how did Jane come up with the idea? Why pigs?

As we all know, most extensive networks are built around one major show, like Netflix’s House of Cards (2013-2018) or Apple TV’s The Morning Show (2019–). Jane couldn’t figure out what would be UnchainedTV’s new fun show.

She called one of her best friends- avid animal rights activist, vegan, and animal rescuer Simone Reyes to help develop a new reality show.

Simone was unable to talk. “Hold on!” she said, “I can’t talk right now; I’m trying to rescue two pigs!”

Two pigs were in a high-kill shelter, about to be killed that night. Simone was determined to get them out.

“That’s it!” Jane said, “That’s our reality show!”

So where can we watch Pig Little Lies?

With UnchainedTV, you don’t need a subscription, an account, or even an email. This is different than Netflix and HBOMax- this is non-profit TV.

Jane hopes people watch the show, recognize animal rights, and spread the word.

Watch our full interview below: