Review: “Sisters” is a heartwarming comedy for the perfect girls’ night out

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey team up once again for the new comedy film “Sisters.” This time, they are faced with their parents selling their childhood home. What do they do? Throw a party on the night before the home is to be sold!
The movie opens with a shot of Amy Poehler (Maura) coming out of a bakery. She noticed a middle aged man sitting on the ground. Maura first decided to offer him money, but later gave him suntan lotion. Then, she saw another woman and tried to give her money. Maura shouts, I’m zero for two!
Then, we meet her sister Kate (played by Tina Fey). She is a single mother with a teenage daughter. Kate’s life is so messed up that she doesn’t even know where her daughter lives.
After learning their childhood home will be sold, the two sisters pay a visit to the old house. Upon opening their bedroom doors, they realize that everything is just as they left it. Kate and Maura read their diaries and played silly games with each other. Then, they came up with the idea of throwing one last party.
The party starts out dull and boring with a bunch of middle-aged adults sitting in chairs. Then, the girls from the nail salon arrived and turned it up several notches. Wrestler John Cena played the role of Pazazu, a drug dealer. He sold some weed and another drug to the sisters. The outdoor swimming pool fell into a sinkhole. Guests began tearing up the house. It reminded me of the recent movie “The Night Before.” However, this time it is two sisters instead of three guys.
“Sisters” was directed by Jason Moore, who is known for the box office hit “Pitch Perfect.” Scenes for this movie were shot in and around New York state in the cities of White Plains, Huntington and New York City. The film is rated R for crude sexual content and language throughout, and for drug use.
I think “Sisters” is a great movie for a girls’ night out. If you ever got in a fight with your brother or sister, this movie will help you appreciate them more.