Save Money this Summer with Roku


Summer is here! Which means family vacations, barbeques, and maybe even summer camp for the kids. However, all of these activities can add up and cost a significant amount of money. 

There are some very low-cost ways to enjoy family time during the summer. To try and help you with some of these summer savings, Entertainment Trend Expert, Abby Reyes is here to share some tips on how to save. 

Here are some of Reyes’ tips:

  1. Instead of an expensive vacation far from home, consider a staycation. 
  2. Look for free available activities in your local area
  3. Relax in the comfort of your own living room and stream entertainment
  4. Get rid of all but one cable box in your home and have streaming devices in all the other rooms
  5. Take a Roku streaming stick on all vacations

Roku offers a variety of entertainment options from television classics, new seasons of popular shows, movies, and more. 

For more information go to Roku’s website!