See How a Service Dog is Helping a Man with Quadriplegia Live Independently After a Tragic Mountain Biking Accident


A mountain biking accident a few years ago left Ryan Deroche with quadriplegia. Today, he is living independently, thanks to his service dog, Oliver.

Watch this segment to learn more about Ryan’s story and how Oliver has changed his life.

Since Ryan has hand dexterity issues, Oliver helps him fetch things around the house. Oliver also flicks the light switches on and off and gets items out of the refrigerator.

Ryan helps out Oliver as well by keeping him safe from ticks and fleas. Using a preventive flea treatment is ideal for duos like Ryan and Oliver, like the new 12-week flea products that only need to be given four times a year.

A dog like Oliver is a big investment, so keeping him happy and healthy is critical to a good life for both the dog and its human.

Oliver is a service dog trained by the non-profit group NEADS, which provides world-class service dogs for people like Ryan, who needs daily assistance.

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