Send some fun to your freshman: Prank-O’s Back-To-College “Survival Kit”


Whether they’re on campus or in the basement, Prank-O’s practical joke gift boxes provide laughter to new college students.

This isn’t going to be a normal freshman year for any college student. But no matter how and where they are taking classes this fall, those first-year students are sure to appreciate the lift a care package from mom and dad provides during what is a stressful time even under normal circumstances. Adding a Prank Pack to a box of favorites and essentials provides an unexpected surprise and some much-needed laughter to students navigating the early stages of college life. Even if it’s just coming from the boring roommates they’ve had for the past 18 years.

Most students heading off to college will expect their first care package to have the usual toiletries, snacks, and supplies to aid with the adjustment to dorm life. This year, Prank-O aims to elevate the experience.  

Imagine an excited freshman opening a typical brown box and finding an unusual product mixed in with their essentials from home, like ToeTunes Slipper Speakers, the NapSack Sleep Hood, Sizzl Bacon-Scented Dryer Sheets, or the Bathe and Brew Shower Coffee Maker.

When the puzzled student goes to remove the odd product, they’ll find normal things and realize they have fallen victim to a prank. Along with getting in a good laugh, they can also take comfort in knowing their parents haven’t totally lost their minds.

Prank-O’s joke gift boxes are the gift that keeps giving; they look great as a funny display piece in a dorm and spark the ultimate icebreaker with a new roommate or college friends.

Prank-O is also putting the finishing touches on a soon-to-be-released flyer designed especially to add humor to bulletin boards campus-wide. Stay tuned for more information on this back-to-college prank flyer. To see other Prank-O flyers that have confused and amused this summer, click here.

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At Prank-O we are dedicated to bringing a little deception and a lot of laughs to the gift-giving experience with our practical joke gift boxes. After all, there is no greater gift than laughter… except for one of those remote control quadcopter things.


Our CEO, Ryan Walther, began his career with The Onion. He helped grow the brand in its early years, more or less teaching America how to laugh.

One day at adult swim class, Ryan met Arik Nordby, a humble box salesman with a dream of injecting laughter into the solemn ritual of gift-giving. Together, they have gone on to disrupt the entire prank gift box industry like a couple of Silicon Valley assholes or something.

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