Set Jet: a safe, luxurious, and affordable travel experience


It’s finally time to travel again. And what better way to travel than on your own private jet? 

Imagine whisking away to your favorite destinations in style on a private jet. A luxury once reserved for the rich and famous is now available to all of us. Thanks to Set Jet, a membership-based private charter jet program.

Co-founded by CEO Tom Smith the concept was created 10 years ago to bring the private jet experience to the masses. Private aviation can be very expensive so this company wanted to find a way people could share that experience. The concept was to create a membership through Set Jet that all the members would get to benefit from, from the access to these aircraft with multimillion-dollar interiors. Members get the experience of flying in and out of an FBO at a private airport or even a public airport but avoid having to deal with the terminals or with the uncomfortable travel baggage associated with commercial travel. Set Jet created a model that gives its clients access to luxurious private jets with prices comparable to traditional first-class travel.

By creating this membership they allowed their members to offset the cost of having to buy the aircraft and operate that aircraft. It is 99$ to join and it’s 99$ a month to become a member whether you are flying or not. For a trip between northern California and southern California, Las Vegas and Phoneix, Arizona it is about $470 each way. This company picks routes that fit their airplanes very well and is especially relevant because there are so many people who travel to these destinations. Set Jet is popular not only with business travel but also with families and even their pets. These days with Covid-19 Set Jet offers sanitary and spatial travel. The first and only aviation company in the United States to offer covid testing to their members. They just introduced travel to Cabo San Lucas which is a fairly popular travel destination among those on the West Coast. Set Jet is truly revolutionizing the airline industry by offering a safe, luxurious, and affordable travel experience. 

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