She the People on Kamala Harris’ Historic VP Nomination

Today, in response to news that Sen. Kamala Harris will be the Democratic nominee for Vice President, Aimee Allison, Founder of She the People, released the following statement:

“Today is a spark of hope and a watershed moment for Black women and women of color. Kamala Harris — a woman of Jamaican-American and Indian-American descent — as Vice President is nothing short of historic. 

 “This is one step in a much larger fight for representation towards the multi-racial Democracy women of color have dreamed of, fought for and bled for, for generations. We need Black, Latina, Indigenous, and Asian American women leading at every level of American politics.

“In the past months, Senator Harris has taken a stand against police brutality in the streets and in the Senate. Her work to understand the struggles of the women of color leading the movement on the ground is what sets her apart in this critical moment. The data has shown that when women of color are inspired to get out to vote in higher numbers, Democrats win. This November, we will do it again.”

Women of color are a massive electoral force — more than 38 million women of color are eligible to vote in 2020. That means they could tip countless local and state races in addition to the White House. 

She the People has organized tirelessly for this moment, beginning with the first ever Women of Color focused Presidential forum in the Spring of 2019, and continuing on with polls, surveys, and focus groups all showing that a woman of color VP is essential to Democratic victory. She the People’s surveys of women of color in politics across the country show that more can still be done to woo the women of color vote — including comprehensive investments in women of color in down-ballot races across the country, expanding the Supreme Court with all women of color, and defunding and reimagining the police. 

She the People is a national network connecting women of color to transform our democracy. We are elevating and amplifying the voice and power of women of color as leaders, political strategists, organizers, and voters. She the People is building an inclusive, multiracial coalition driving a new progressive political and cultural era. Connect with She The People on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.