Special Interview With Jeremiah Higgins


California Life’s very own Elise Thuresson interviews with Jeremiah Higgins. He has been in an active role for 27 years within the restaurant industry, but this week we talked about his radio show. 

Higgins has been hosting, producing, and having many celebrity guests on his show, The Jeremiah Show. He’s had guests like John Cleese, Tim Stack, Mike Gormley, and so much more. He shared with us such amazing news with this interview and California Life has been so lucky to share the news with everyone first, the morning of the interview The Jeremiah Show was just picked up and is now going to be The Morning Show in Santa Barbara. You can listen on two different stations, 96.9 KZSB FM and 1290 KZSB AM, you can tune in from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. 

What Higgins plans to do now with his morning show is combine the three shows together and provide fun guests and content as you drive to work in the morning. Higgins has worked and continues to work with comedian Timothy Stack (who Elise has also interviewed in an earlier episode). Higgins met Stack at a show at the Lobero Theater at Santa Barbara through a friend. 

Jeremiah Higgins also had another popular guest on his show, Mariel Hemingway. He was always such a fan and for the show he realized what a milestone moment this was for him after having a great interview along with having a great conversation with her. 

Bringing these three shows together has created a great opportunity for more to jump on and join them.