Summer Streaming with Roku

Roku Streaming Device

Summer is right around the corner and that means family vacations, barbecues and maybe even summer camp for the kids. However, all these activities can add up and cost a lot of money but there are some very low-cost ways to enjoy family time during the summer.

To help you with some of these summer savings, we sat with Entertainment Trends Expert Abby Reyes. She told us how can we save money this summer with Roku.

Between all of the different activities during the summer, things can really add up so instead of taking an expensive vacation you may want to consider a staycation to really maximize your entertainment. To save some cash, you can look into your local communities to see what sort of free activities are available.

If you’re like me and just love a good little nesting session and relax in the comfort of your own living room, summer is really the perfect time to stream.

Abby Reyes | Entertainment Trends Expert

So take advantage of your summer of savings with National Streaming Week which is kicking off this week.

For those who are not familiar with streaming here’s what you can expect. Streaming is really a great way to save money and you don’t know have to compromise with your television experience. Abby has a few tips for you. Some people have a number of cable boxes in the home, with Roku you don’t have to have a number of cable boxes, you can get rid of all but one and have Roku streaming devices in all the other rooms.


With Roku you will still be able to access your favorite channels and TV shows. Plus, if you love to travel you can take a Roku streaming stick with you wherever you go. Abby told us she always carries one in her purse. It’s really handy and if you just love to absorb a lot of great shows Roku is giving you access to a ton of great free entertainment including premium TV and top network shows, movies and full seasons.

You can watch things like HBO’s Big Little Lies, the first full season and second season is coming up. Roku has full series of everyone’s favorite siblings The Property Brothers and of course things like dramas such as New Amsterdam and more.

So it’s really a great time to enjoy whatever your your flavor of of television is. Roku has something for you. For more information