Sunga Life


Crystal Fambrini takes us to Hollywood hills where we meet Jeff Gum!

Jeff is the founder of Sunga Life Swimswear.

He was a previous Navy seal for a decade. Gum used his experience to create a veteran-based swimwear brand that promotes freedom and gives back to the nations first-responders.

Sungas were popularized in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil and have now made their way to the USA. You can expect a sunga to be the most comfortable swimwear you ever put on, and doing so allows your thighs to get the healthy tan they’ve always wanted. “Sunga” is Brazilian Portuguese for “Speedo”, except these ridiculously comfortable ball jackets are a hybrid between shorts and speedos, and are the brain-child of a former Navy SEAL who fell in love with sungas after his travels throughout Brazil.

Take a look at his inspiring story now live on our Youtube!