Super Bowl Commercials


Did you know that consumers who partake in Super Bowl-related parties or entertaining this year will spend an average of $193? Did you know that size does matter… when it comes to buying a new TV that is!

Check out the data below from the latest RetailMeNot Shoppers Trend Report for more on getting Super Bowl ready. Plus, see how RetailMeNot is the go to resource for saving money on everything from TVs to pizza to fan gear this Super Bowl!

Are you Super Bowl Ready?

Are you Super Bowl ready? RetailMeNot is here to help. Think of these three questions to ask yourself and you will be fine:

  • Do I have something to watch?
  • Do I have plenty to eat and drink?
  • Should I watch the game surrounded by friends and family?

Spectating in the Super Bowl isn’t cheap, even if you plan to watch it at home! Of those U.S. consumers who will spend money on Super Bowl-related parties or entertaining this year, a recent RetailMeNot Shoppers Trend Report found that the average amount will be $193.

That amount can be even higher if you are planning on buying a new TV or projector system for your movie room to enjoy the game!

Watching it the right way

Here’s the good news. New flatscreen TVs have never been more affordable. There are various price points for TVs below the 50 inch and $500 range that make enjoyable HD viewing obtainable for most American families.

Even better, there has never been a better sweet spot in retail to update your man cave than now. The holidays are over. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has shown us the future. And retailers selling flatscreen TVs and projectors needs to get out with the old and in with the new. Now is the consumer opportunity.

Having the optimal viewing experience is key according the RetailMeNot survey, and when purchasing a new TV, Americans say screen size (21%) is important, as well as technology and features (19%), brand (19%), consumer reviews (16%), and screen resolution (15%). But on the list of priorities, not all TV-watchers think alike – men find the brand of the TV more important that women do (22% vs. 16%).

Food please?

As you prep your man cave, make sure you come to the table with more than delivery pizza for the big game. It could be time that your kitchen gets a few party upgrades too! Culinary exploits have always been a part of the gridiron game. RetailMeNot suggests the grill, brew and discount delivery combo.

First, unless you are one of the lucky few to be watching the Patriots take on the Seahawks from Maui, it is probably colder where you view the game. Barbeque and the grill have an interconnected history with football, and you don’t need to brave the cold to get your burgers going. Think about indoor grill and panini press option. Price points are usually very affordable with positively reviewed indoor grills for as little at $45 dollars!

And of course, for us older folks who enjoy an adult beverage, a man cave isn’t complete without your very own kegerator! If you are a big beer drinker who likes to entertain with large groups, you can find models in the $300 dollar range. If a full-sized kegerator isn’t on your agenda, smaller models exists for mini-kegs in the $100 range if you want to enjoy that draft beer experience!

And when it comes to delivery food? Remember to use one of the many coupons for pizza delivery available on! Or you might be one of the few to pay full price!

But maybe you should go it alone?

Are you the type of football fan that likes to scream at the TV, break into a cold sweat when losing as if your life depended on it? Maybe being around a group of friends and family isn’t the best idea for you!

The Super Bowl has become an unofficial holiday for most Americans, and usually involves attending or having over guests to co-watch the game.

But let’s face it, maybe you are the kind of person who just wants quiet as you review how clever the commercials are between breaks.

In that case, enjoy your man cave in peace and quiet. Order a discounted pizza, drink responsibly and hunker down for what is likely to be one of the best games in years!

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