Taking a Mobike Bicycle Tour Through Mexico City


Airing: Episode 487, Week of Saturday March 30 

Mexico City, or also known as CDMX, is the capital of Mexico and the most populous city in North America. So it’s no wonder there are many options on getting around this beautiful city. One fun way to get around and experience Mexico City is with a popular bike-share app called Mobike.

Marco Gutierrez of Travelerios put together this great video that really puts into perspective what it’s like riding around CDMX (Ciudad de Mexico). In the video you’ll see how simple it is to use the app, with a simple scan the Mobike is unlocked and you’re off.

The video starts off in the neighborhood or “Colonia” of Anzures, and takes us through El Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico Cities rival to Central park. It’s a twice as big to its NYC counterpart. There we pass beautiful monuments and get a wonderful view of El Castillo De Chapultepec (The Castle of Chapultepec), which is now a National Museum.

From there, is a fun ride down one of the most famous boulevards of Mexico City, Avenida Paseo de La Reforma. Here you’ll see amazing monuments like; the fountain of The Huntress Diana, and the famous Angel of Independence.

From there we make our way to the neighborhood of La Roma, which Mexican director Alfonos Cuaron’s oscar winning film “La Roma” was based out of. The neighborhood of La Roma is known for being the epicenter of “hipster” subculture in Mexico City, and rivals the neighborhood of Polanco as the center of the city’s culinary scene. The neighbourhood streets are lined with restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, cultural centers, churches and galleries.

That’s where we make our final stop at Lardo for some delicious brunch. Lardo has an extensive bar and an open kitchen, with a large wood-burning oven. The menu consists of quality ingredients through simple preparations and is based on seasonal ingredients.