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The Bachelor Season 1 Alum: LaNease Adams


Who’s a fan of The Bachelor? Or do you, perhaps, prefer The Bachelorette? Doesn’t matter! Both shows have a start to them, and LaNease Adams contributed to that start.

Adams is an alum of The Bachelor Season 1, but you may remember her as “the first kiss.” She was literally the first of many kisses on this show! The start of all romances!

But here’s what you should know about Adams’ career and whereabouts nearly 18 years later.

Adams faced racism after appearing on The Bachelor and struggled with depression at a young age of 23 shortly afterwards.

“You don’t allow yourself to be in situations where you’re not respected, so it changed the relationships I already had, cause I was 23 when this happened,” said LaNease Adams.

But she’s made her journey of self-recovery a productive one.

While in the hospital to treat her depression, Adams discovered lavender and fell in love with the plant’s soothing scent. An interest in aromatherapy and healthy bath products resulted in her soap line, Fountain of Youth Bath.

And her growth as an actress, writer and producer is just as romantic as that very first Bachelor kiss. Adams directed, wrote for and acted in Heaven’s Revenge, her newest short film.

“That story came from a girl who had her heart broken… and then in the film, instead of just taking it lying down, she actually gave him a real taste of his own medicine.

LaNease Adams. Actress, writer, producer.

And some *heavenly* news!

“We actually have a feature film being written right now that we’re going to produce,” said Adams. “So the short film will turn into a longer film with even more action… focused on what happens after Heaven, that’s the main character in this film…”

No spoilers 😉

She’s also dipping her feet into the whole comedy niche by directing, writing for and acting in The Misadventures of Katherine.

“We had our first episode called “Angry Bird” which did very well, and that was a lot of fun,” said Adams. “We’re coming up with other fun concepts as well. We’ve got a dog with a wig…”

And how can we forget Adams’ love for exercise and a healthy body?! Yes, even during quarantine.

“I really just wanted to be proud of myself. I wanted to give myself a goal.

LaNease Adams. Actress, writer, producer.

Thank you, LaNease, for showing us how you’re loving and respecting yourself, inside and out.