The Benefits of Guardant 360 Liquid Biopsy

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The numbers are startling. Every 2.3 minutes someone is diagnosed with lung cancer and it represents 13 of all new cancer diagnoses in the United States. While lung cancer is currently the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, there is some exciting medical news for those patients with advanced cancer, a new blood test from Guardant Health. It’s the first FDA approved comprehensive liquid biopsy that offers hope to lung cancer patients and their oncologists.

We can get a result in eight business days and we don’t have this problem with not enough tissue because we can always draw more blood.

The liquid biopsy offers big benefits over tissue testing and gives doctors a comprehensive genomic profile of their patients. This allows them to target genetic treatments that are much better for patients than conventional chemotherapy. They can have significant prolongation of their survival and they can have a very good quality of life.

I’m doing really well, I feel great and I would recommend that anyone faced with this diagnosis find a doctor that’s really familiar expert with lung cancer.

To learn more about Guardent 360 and the liquid biopsy go to and be sure to talk with your doctor about any treatment options.