The Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plan


The Medicare Annual Election Period started October 15th and runs through December 7th.

That’s right- December 7th is a big deadline.

Catherine Field, Humana‘s Senior VP of the Northwest Division Leader Retail Segment, joined Will Armstrong to discuss what people over 65 and those living with disabilities should know.

“We encourage folks to start doing their research, understanding what’s changed in their health status, as well as all the plans in the market.”

Catherine Field, Senior VP of the Northwest Division Leader Retail Segment at Humana

How is the Medicare Advantage different from Medicare?

Medicare Advantage is their private health insurance company plan that administers Medicare benefits.

When somebody signs up for a Medicare Advantage Plan, they’re going to receive, at the minimum, all the same benefits that you get on original Medicare plus three distinct differences:

  1. Maximum Out-of-Pocket Protection

Over a year, you will always know how much you pay out of pocket. Once you hit your Max, you will not pay anything else.

2. Predictable Co-Pays

3. Things Medicare Doesn’t Offer

Offerings such as dental, hearing, vision, and sometimes transportation, most of these plans also include your Part D or drug benefits.

How does the Stars Program help evaluate options?

To help consumers evaluate the quality of one plan to the next, the ratings go from 1 to 5.

96% of our members will be in a four-star or greater plan.

Catherine Field, Senior VP of the Northwest Division Leader Retail Segment at Humana

How do I determine if my doctors, hospitals, and specialists are in my Medicare Advantage Provider Network?

Go to or, both websites have self-service physician finder tools where you can look that information up.

Do I have to re-enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan annually?

If you are on a Medicare Advantage Plan today, you do not need to re-enroll, but with that being said, plans and networks change every year, and so does your health condition.

What’s working for you today may not work for you in the future.