The Magnificent History Behind El Angel De La Independencia, Mexico City


Cinco De Mayo is coming up and we explore the perfect place to celebrate: San Ángel’s Angel of Independence

The Angel of Independence (El Ángel) in Mexico City is a monument tribute to Mexico’s victory over Spain in its War of Independence. Her statue stands tall overlooking San Ángel and is one of the most well-known images of Mexico City.

The Angel was inspired by Victoria, the ancient Roman goddess of victory. She holds a crown of laurel in one hand and a broken three-link chain in the other, to symbolize three centuries of Spanish rule in Mexico before Mexicans rose up and broke from Spain.

The monument was built in 1910 during the presidency of Porfirio Díaz by architect Antonio Rivas Mercado, and has endured many obstacles throughout the years with earthquakes, vandalism, and graffiti.

However, today, El Ángel stands tall and overcame every struggle that came along its way and is a vital symbol of Mexico City.

Along with the Angel of Independence, there is a huge variety of places to visit in this city. We compiled a list of our top five favorite things to do in San Ángel:

Top Five Things to Do in San Ángel: