Expert Tips to Drink More Water & Why It’s So Important for Health During COVID Surge

Think you are drinking enough water?  Think again. Research shows a whopping 75% of people are walking around dehydrated and many don’t even realize it! We have been stuck inside our moisture-sucking houses for months; and many people are still fighting through or recovering from illnesses.  

According to hydration expert Kriss Smolka, between all the boozy quarantine happy hours and sodium-laden comfort foods – we need to up our H20 game now more than ever.

“Staying hydrated is always important but if it wasn’t something you were focused on before, now is a crucial time to *rethink your drink*…”

…says Smolka, hydration expert and author of the new book Water Wellness. Water is an essential part of our health and well-being, and without consuming enough of it, both our body and brain (which is 80% water) will feel the impact. With binging, boozing, and boredom at an all-time high, our physical and mental health is at an even greater risk. Water lubricates the joints, removes toxins, and helps deliver nutrients to skin cells for healthy-looking skin. It also facilitates in building muscles, regulating body temperature, and in helping control our weight. Research even shows that it helps our mood and memory. 

“Of all the healthy lifestyle choices to adopt, drinking water is the easiest. It’s free, it’s accessible, and it takes very little effort to just take a sip. The impact on health is huge, yet people still seem to need a reminder…”

…says Smolka who created the award-winning app WaterMinder to help his wife remember to drink water as she used hydration to fight off her chronic migraines. Most people know that drinking water is essential, but they just aren’t sure how to make it a routine or what amount is best for their bodies. Although 8 glasses a day is a good reference, the amount of drinking water required to maintain good health varies depending on physical activity level, age, health-related issues, and environmental conditions.

Kriss Smolka

Whether you think you need a hydro-boost or not, Smolka is reminding people to drink up – especially during this second COVID-19 surge. Here are three of his many tips for staying hydrated and healthy at home:

  • Always have a glass of water nearby and listen to your body. Being hydrated acts as a barrier to potential, unnecessary snacking because most people often confuse thirst with hunger.
  • Make Happy Hour Hydration-Friendly. Alcohol sales and consumption saw a 55% increase in late March, and drinking any amount of alcohol increases dehydration, among other health concerns. If you are going to indulge in a happy hour treat, try drinking water in between every sip (or at least between rounds.) Hydration Happy Hour for the win!
  • Spruce Up Your H20 & Get CreativeWhat’s that you say…Drinking water is boring? Smolka says he hears this excuse a lot. It’s easy to liven up the taste and make it interesting. Add lemons, limes, cucumber, or a sugar-free flavor shot! If you put water in a fancy cup, you’re more likely to drink it. Like a fancy mocktail, your water just became Instagram picture worthy!

Kriss Smolka is urging people to stay hydrated – now more than ever. He is sharing fascinating research on the unlikely ways hydration affects health and has practical tips to help you sip up more H20 and improve health through hydration. 

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