The Tradition and Family Behind The San Jose Giants


For the past 22 years, the San Francisco Giants have been synonymous with San Jose. The major and the minor league teams have been affiliated longer than any other California league partnership. With multi-generations of fans and history of success, the 2009 California League champion San Jose Giants make a night at the ballpark a family tradition.

Since stepping up to the plate over 60 years ago the San Jose Giants have called Silicon Valley their home and they have since become one of the most successful teams in the California League. The San Jose Giants really are the future of the San Francisco Giants organization. Former San Jose Giants over the last 23 years have advanced to play in the major leagues 99 of which debuted in San Francisco.

With ten rings, four consecutive attendance records and countless memorable moments it’s no wonder the San Jose Giants keep fans coming back for generations. Seeing notable names like Pablo Sandoval, George Brett, and Tim Lincecum before they make it to the majors is just one of the reasons hundreds of thousands of fans pack the stands night after night. For general manager Mark Wilson and the rest of the San Jose Giants, the real stars are sitting in the stadium, no matter what your day was when you started you will definitely enjoy your three hours at the stadium.

The fans have been coming out for years and have set four consecutive years of attendance records, hoping to make it five in a row this season. From Hall of Famers to World Series winners this minor league team has had a major impact on America’s favorite pastime. Bringing you the best of California from San Jose.