Top Skincare Products to Try For Skin Wellness Month


In light of National Wellness Month, we must take the proper steps to nourish our skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ–constantly taking a lot of abuse, especially during the summer months where heat can destroy collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis, eventually causing it to become thinner and weaker–leading to premature wrinkling.

Fortunately, HydroPeptide and City Beauty provides high-quality luxury skincare products that deliver actual results for all skin concerns. From anti-aging prevention to hydrating and glowing skin, you’re sure to see results in no time!

HydroPeptide’s Solar Defense Tinted Moisturizer SPF  provides broad-spectrum protection and radiant, even-looking skin. Not only does it protect skin from UVA, UVB, and infrared rays, but its color adjusting spheres also activate and deliver lightweight coverage that matches most skin tones, leaving you with a gorgeous healthy glow.

Aloe vera will soothe sensitized and sunburnt skin while skin-loving ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid instantly hydrate. Probiotics to restore balance to the skin, and a blend of calendula, cucumber, and acai extracts to guard against free radicals. 

HydroPeptide’s Moisture Reset Phytonutrient Facial Oil was designed to moisturize even the most sensitive skin types. Each drop is enriched with deeply nourishing ingredients like avocado and lavender oil to instantly moisturize and enrich the skin. Vital nutrients and antioxidants protect the skin from environmental damage while improving the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Rice bran extract will gently soothe irritation and redness while flower extracts work to soften texture. When used consistently, you will notice more even, glowing skin that is soft to the touch. Add a couple of drops to any product including moisturizers, serums, or body lotions for an extra boost of moisture.

City Beauty’s Skin-Perfecting Daily Veil is a lightweight, broad-spectrum SPF 39 that instantly blurs imperfections while supporting firmness, elasticity, and hydration for an entirely more youthful look. Additionally, this final step product helps protect against the sun’s harmful rays with an innovative blend of all-mineral sunscreen ingredients. Key ingredients include–Line-Blurring Polymers, Light-Activated Spirulina Maxima Extract, Marine Antioxidant Compound, and Beet Root Extract Blend.

City Beauty’s Line-Smoothing HydroMask is a bio-cellulose sheet mask designed to support the skin’s elasticity and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It works by infusing the skin with a “plumping” serum made with free-radical fighting antioxidants, collagen-supporting peptides, and skin-nourishing actives. Key ingredients include; Peptide Blend, Hyaluronic Acid, and Iceplant Extract. This formula is so powerful, it smooths your wrinkles in as little as 20 minutes.