Travel, Summer Tips, and Chocolate Chip Cookies in Space? Find out in CLHD| Episode 499 Part 2.

Airing: Episode 499 Part 2, Week of Saturday, July 20th

According to Travel + Leisure magazine, San Miguel de Allende celebrates its twelve-month reign of American cultural capital. Find out why in this segment. 

Then, California Life’s Elise Thuresson shares her tips for shopping on Instagram to create a chic look. 

Discover a few summer tips and products from Lifestyle Expert, Chassie Post, that will make your summer a lot easier for indoors and outdoors. 

DoubleTree’s chocolate chip cookies.

Watch as astronauts aboard the International Space Station bake food fresh in space for the first time thanks to a prototype oven. The first thing they’ll bake in space is DoubleTree by Hilton’s famous chocolate chip cookie. 

Can you guess the hottest tech category these days? Smart home tech is the answer. Tech Expert, Marc Saltzman, highlights what’s trending and new in technology. 

1 in 5 women are not getting regularly screened for cervical cancer. Catt Sadler, TV host and activist, is speaking up to change this statistic. 

Plus, Disney’s The Lion King is staying true to the classic story. Check out a clip with interviews from the cast of the iconic movie out now.

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