Uncork Some Holiday Spirit With These Wine Pairings For Your Favorite Christmas Movies

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without some savory treats washed down with the family’s favorite wine. That’s why we talked with Parrish Family Vineyard to find the perfect Christmas movie and wine pairings list that will fill you with holiday cheer(s)!
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) with Sauvignon Blanc: Like the Grinch, Sauvignon Blanc can start a little acidic, but gets sweeter and calmer with time and the right pairing. Both the Grinch and the wine will make your heart grow three sizes when paired with people you love.
  • Love Actually with Rosé: Sweet and pink, this wine is a crowd pleaser just like this holiday classic. With multiple layers and flavors, this pairing works great in a cast of characters. Pair it with your favorite loved ones, some Christmas cookies, and Santa socks.
  • The Santa Clause & Home Alone with Zinfandel: Always the life of the party, Zinfandel can be strong and mischievous while also being smooth and sweet. It’s the embodiment of the jovial and juvenile characters in both of these classic movies. Grab a bottle and get in the spirit for holiday hijinks.
  • A Christmas Carol (1951) with Petite Sirah: There is no better pairing for a bold, full-bodied red Petite Sirah, than with an old miser. With masculine notes of leather and black tea, this wine starts a little harsh like Scrooge, but softens up as it goes. The tannins lead the charge and then bring a change of heart at the finish.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) with Cabernet Sauvignon: Just like down-on-his-luck, lovable, George Bailey, Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that will lift everyone’s mood. This classic Christmas movie pairs beautifully with America’s favorite red wine.
We hope you enjoy these movie and wine pairings and feel free to create some of your own making wonderful memories along the way!