V-Day for Troops


This week on California Life we highlight the founder of “A Million Thanks” Shauna Fleming, who initially had the goal to send one million letters to American troops. Today, she has far surpassed that.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Fleming’s current goal is to get one million Valentine’s-themed letters to our troops by February 14th.

Fleming says that troops would prefer handwritten letters from strangers over things like food, because of its personal touch.

Fleming sends boxes to FedEx with up to 200,000 letters, which would undoubtedly result in a hefty price to ship, if not for the help of Paul Holton, the founder of “Operation Give.” Holton, a veteran himself, got FedEx to cover the cost of Fleming’s letters.

Holton agrees with Fleming, saying that these letters provide the troops with “a little light from the homeland” and support.

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