Wanta Fanta? The Fantanas are back with a new mission for self-expression


Remember the Fantanas? Well, they’re back. And this summer, some of Hollywood’s freshest talents are on a brand new mission to celebrate self-expression.

Fanta is going back to its roots and enlisting four new faces to introduce a new era for the brand and celebrate self-expression and being happy with who you are.

In fact, this new generation of Fantanas has a new look and has completely evolved from what you’ve ever known about the iconic group.  The multi-talented sensations are now showing the world what it means to be more than one flavor.

“It’s just being comfortable in your own skin and accepting that you’re the only person that can be who you are,” Lauren, a Fanta representative, explains.

Teens and young adults across the country are encouraged to express themselves, embrace all the ways they are bold, unique and, of course, show off their personal flavor.

To join the encouragement and get involved with the campaign, check out the group on social media, follow hashtag #morethanoneflavor, and watch the full segment below.